Sunday, September 25, 2011

Skits in a Bag Pack Meeting

For our September Pack Meeting we did skits in a bag. I found a bunch fo skits online and filled some bags with props to go along with each skit. I then divided up the families into groups and they had 15 minutes to put the skit together.

The invitationAward table and skit bags:
We had a "cubbie" award ceremony at the end where I gave each boy an award for things like "best acting", "best costume", etc. The award was a decorated rice krispie treat cut out like a star on a stick.
The refreshments were a consession stand - licorice, popcorn, and rootbeer floats:
As the boys came in I had them make paper bag puppets....I told them they were welcome to use them in their skits if they wanted.
Practicing their skits....

Friday, August 5, 2011

Ice Cream Social

I wanted to just do something fun for August Pack meeting, since it is still summer and I had TON of awards to pass out. So I decided to do an ice cream social. It was a hit!

The invite:

One of the games we played was to build their sundaes. I had a bunch of toppings on table and had everyone bring a container of their favorite ice cream. Each person took a turn rolling the dice, then they had to do what the dice instructed - like go get a scoop of ice cream, a topping, or pass their bowl. I just used some wooden blocks, printed the instructions on paper and glued and taped them to the blocks.

Some scouts getting the ice cream

One of the other games we played - you fill a bowl with cotton balls, then someone has to try to scoop them with an ice cream scoop into a smaller bowl while blind folded. It was pretty funny to watch - it is tricky because the cotton balls feel like nothing.

The other game we played - you have one person down on the ground with an ice cream cone in their mouth. Then the person above has to try to fill up the cone by dropping mini marshmellows into the cone.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Music Pack Meeting Pictures

I survived my first Pack Meeting! It actually went really well. The kids had a good time, we passed off the music requirements, beltloop, and pin, and even the parents seemed to enjoy the evening!

Recognize these deporations Holly?

Here is the main table - I put the cheer box, Arrow of Light award, and other awards up there

I set up this table in the back of the room for them to make their drums on

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Welcome to Scouts Candy Bar Wrapper

I found this online and thought this would be cute to take to the new scouts with a welcome letter and information.

Cheer Box

I saw this cute idea on someone's blog for a Cheer Box. The boys in our pack seem to love the silly little cheers Cub Scouts do but they don't know any because the leader before me didn't like doing them. So I thought it would be fun to print them, make the Cheer box, and have someone pick a cheer each pack meeting for everyone to do. Here's a link for different cheers you can put in the box:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Musical Pack Meeting

For our pack meeting in May, we are doing a musical theme so the boys can pass off some of the music requirements.

This is the background I used for the invitation/reminder sheets I will take around to the parents the week before.

We are going to have them make little drums as the come in like this. They are just an empty tin can with a balloon stretched and rubber banded to the top. I will probably get some stuff so they can decorate them how they want to. The instructions on how to make these said you can put rice in them so they can be shakers, and to get chop sticks to use as drum sticks. Super cute!
Once of our den leaders is a musician and knows a guy who does sound editing for his profession so he is going to come and talk to the boys. Then we are going to have each den do a musical performance- the Bears are playing bells and the others are doing a kazoo band.

At the end, I thought it would be fun to have a karaoke machine set up and call groups to come up and sing while everyone accompanies them on their little drums. I will post pictures after the pack meeting. Hope it goes well!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Arrow of Light Award

I was recently called as the "Cub Master" this is a big deal! Luckily I have my friend Whitney to help me out! So my first Pack Meeting was last week and I was getting all prepared for it and I just had to show a picture of the award I made for this boy. The Arrow Of Light Award is the highest award you can achieve as a Cub Scout and the only award worn both on the Cub Scout uniform and on the Boy Scout Uniform! Naturally I thought I could just go to the Scout Store and pick up this award for him and be on my way but nooooo. She hands me this bag with a bunch of pieces and feathers in it and says "here it is, you have to put it together." I said "so I just do the ceremony and hand him a fake arrow?" yup! So I thought no I can get some wood and stain and buy a cricut cut out some letters and make it cute so he can hang this arrow thing on his wall! I mean after all he worked really hard for this! No big deal I can do this! Well with a lot of help from my husband putting this arrow together (2 hours) a lot of help from Mary showing me how to work the cricut, a couple of hours in the scout store with my dear friend Whitney, and a few trips to good old Walmart I think we pulled it off! I just ended up with a small eye twitch due to stress!
Thanks friends and family hopefully I can get this down and it wont be such an ordeal next month!!