Friday, August 5, 2011

Ice Cream Social

I wanted to just do something fun for August Pack meeting, since it is still summer and I had TON of awards to pass out. So I decided to do an ice cream social. It was a hit!

The invite:

One of the games we played was to build their sundaes. I had a bunch of toppings on table and had everyone bring a container of their favorite ice cream. Each person took a turn rolling the dice, then they had to do what the dice instructed - like go get a scoop of ice cream, a topping, or pass their bowl. I just used some wooden blocks, printed the instructions on paper and glued and taped them to the blocks.

Some scouts getting the ice cream

One of the other games we played - you fill a bowl with cotton balls, then someone has to try to scoop them with an ice cream scoop into a smaller bowl while blind folded. It was pretty funny to watch - it is tricky because the cotton balls feel like nothing.

The other game we played - you have one person down on the ground with an ice cream cone in their mouth. Then the person above has to try to fill up the cone by dropping mini marshmellows into the cone.


  1. Hi could you give me more details how the build your sunday game with the dice. Looks fun, just wondering how you would do it with 15 scouts. Thanks

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  3. I love your game ideas--especially dropping marshmallows into ice cream cones! Thanks!

  4. The marshmallow game looks really fun but be careful not to use too many at a time as children have choked from similar games.

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  6. Yes, my friend is a firefighter and children have choked on marshmallows. I know that is not the intent of the game, but get a bunch of boys having fun and they may get their own ideas BE CAREFUL