Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Musical Pack Meeting

For our pack meeting in May, we are doing a musical theme so the boys can pass off some of the music requirements.

This is the background I used for the invitation/reminder sheets I will take around to the parents the week before.

We are going to have them make little drums as the come in like this. They are just an empty tin can with a balloon stretched and rubber banded to the top. I will probably get some stuff so they can decorate them how they want to. The instructions on how to make these said you can put rice in them so they can be shakers, and to get chop sticks to use as drum sticks. Super cute!
Once of our den leaders is a musician and knows a guy who does sound editing for his profession so he is going to come and talk to the boys. Then we are going to have each den do a musical performance- the Bears are playing bells and the others are doing a kazoo band.

At the end, I thought it would be fun to have a karaoke machine set up and call groups to come up and sing while everyone accompanies them on their little drums. I will post pictures after the pack meeting. Hope it goes well!!

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