Friday, April 29, 2011

Arrow of Light Award

I was recently called as the "Cub Master" this is a big deal! Luckily I have my friend Whitney to help me out! So my first Pack Meeting was last week and I was getting all prepared for it and I just had to show a picture of the award I made for this boy. The Arrow Of Light Award is the highest award you can achieve as a Cub Scout and the only award worn both on the Cub Scout uniform and on the Boy Scout Uniform! Naturally I thought I could just go to the Scout Store and pick up this award for him and be on my way but nooooo. She hands me this bag with a bunch of pieces and feathers in it and says "here it is, you have to put it together." I said "so I just do the ceremony and hand him a fake arrow?" yup! So I thought no I can get some wood and stain and buy a cricut cut out some letters and make it cute so he can hang this arrow thing on his wall! I mean after all he worked really hard for this! No big deal I can do this! Well with a lot of help from my husband putting this arrow together (2 hours) a lot of help from Mary showing me how to work the cricut, a couple of hours in the scout store with my dear friend Whitney, and a few trips to good old Walmart I think we pulled it off! I just ended up with a small eye twitch due to stress!
Thanks friends and family hopefully I can get this down and it wont be such an ordeal next month!!